The stock S2000 floor mats present a number of problems for owners who are concerned about the quality and durability of the driver and passenger carpeting. The stock mats leave the carpeting over the frame humps exposed, subjecting it to premature wear. The hump carpet wears much faster than even the floor carpet, especially if your passenger is average height or short. The mats themselves are of poor quality, and the colors, particularly the red, are a poor match for the rest of the interior. Finally, the stock mats are made of an inferior weave and have a cheap backing; even with the anchor post, they tend to slip around.

Several other replacement mats are available, including a cumbersome three-piece design made in Germany and several one piece designs available from Australia and Europe. The quality of these mats varies widely. Some are made of a pile that begins shedding bundles of loose fibers in only a few weeks. Others do not fit well, and show gaps in the floor well and slip around with foot pressure. Still others have a vinyl backing that encourages slippage. Some are billed as "premium" but are actually made from less expensive nylon pile.

Rick's Luxury One-Piece Floor Floormats were designed to set an unmatched standard of quality and fit for the S2000. The quality far surpasses the anything available stock or from the aftermarket. We closely inspected each of the aftermarket replacement mats available and set design and production objectives that addressed their shortcomings.

Our floormats feature:

  • A one-piece, full length design from top front to well under the seats.
  • Custom tailoring over the passenger side frame hump, which provides a snug fit.
  • A flat, gently curved surface on the driver side , which makes for a smooth appearance and makes the driver's hump seem to disappear.
  • Inventive hidden eyelets that attach to the floor posts, which eliminate the need for holes in the mat yet anchor the mats firmly in place.
  • An extremely tight fit. Simply put, these mats will not slip from foot pressure.
  • Construction of highest quality pile available for an auto interior. The pile is extremely dense and thick and will not unravel.
  • A thick woven rubber durable nubbed backing , which prevents slippage and locks the mats into place.
  • Heel mats for the driver side.
  • Color choices that compliment the various S2000 interior colors.

Rick's Luxury One-Piece Floor Floormats are available in multi-frame woven, loop pile Wilton wool imported from England or, for a less expensive but equally high quality alternative, thick loop pile nylon.

Rick's Luxury Wilton Wool One-Piece Floor Floormats are absolutely the finest aftermarket mats available, with a thick, extremely durable pile that is exceptionally resilient, and feels very luxurious under the foot. This pile is so luxurious you'll want to touch it, a rare quality found in only the finest wool products.

For an extra touch, the Wilton wool floormats are trimmed in leather. The wool are made in black and Navy blue and the nylon floormats in black only. The black perfectly complements the stock black interior and provides an attractive contrast for cars with a different color interior. Navy blue Wilton Wool is a good choice for owners with blue cars.

Wilton Wool Color Options
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Leather trim colors include black, red, blue, yellow, and gray. The leather trim is about 3/8 " wide, providing a well-defined but tasteful and subtle decorative edge. A set of genuine Wilton Wool floormats is $379.00. While the price is too high for some, the beauty and workmanship of these mats fully justifies every penny. If you can afford them, we believe you'll come to think they are a bargain as the years go by.

Rick's Luxury Nylon One-Piece Floormats surpass the quality of all other mats made for the S2000 except Rick's own Wilton Wool mats. They are made with top quality nylon pile to the same standards as the Wilton Wool mats. The nylon mats are available in black (a true black), blue and light blue (both complementing but not matching the Suzuka blue stock interior), charcoal (a medium dark gray), and gray.

Nylon Color Options
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Trim is vinyl, and is available in black and blue (red trim is not available in vinyl, since it clashes with the red interior). A set of nylon mats is a more affordable.

All of Rick's Luxury One-Piece floormats are hand-made by one of America's finest custom auto upholsterers, which specializes in custom work for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and other high-performance. Since all of Rick's Luxury One-Piece mats are hand made to order, please allow three to four weeks for delivery.

A Word About Wilton Wool Floormats

Since Wilton wool is a manufacturing process, not a company, the quality of Wilton wool carpet can vary enormously from manufacturer to manufacturer. The name Wilton wool is not a guarantee of quality. In fact, some Wilton wool products offered by others are not even Wilton wool, but a nylon imitation of Wilton wool.

Rick's Wilton wool carpet is finest made for an auto interior. It is made in England from the finest English wool woven into a tight, deep pile. There is no better carpet for an auto interior.

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Wilton Wool One-Piece Floormats $379 per set
Currently unavailable for order

Nylon One-Piece Floormats $195 per set

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